BJP calls for DAN legislature party meeting

BJP legislators with state BJP president

BJP legislators with state BJP president

Maintaining that NPF president Dr. Shürhozelie’s statement, which was widely published in the local media, implied that the crisis within the NPF is no longer an internal matter of the party but an issue of DAN, the BJP Nagaland said such a situation has made the DAN Legislature Party as the only competent body to elect its leader. Therefore, the only option to end the impasse is for the Chief Minister to immediately call an exclusive DAN Legislature Party/DAN legislators’ meeting where all the DAN member legislature parties will have the opportunity to decide on the leader of the house, spokespersons, BJP Nagaland, said in a release on Sunday. Failing to do so may invite the inevitable because more than one week had lapsed since the problem started, the release said.
Noting that the present political crisis in the State is the machination of NPF, the State BJP, therefore, cautioned that if the situation compels the Governor to declare President’s rule in Nagaland on ground of breakdown of constitutional machinery, the NPF will be solely responsible and answerable to the people of Nagaland. “There will be absolutely no room, whatsoever, to put the blame on the NDA government at the Centre or the BJP in Nagaland,” the release stated.

BJP Nagaland also made it very clear that it will not be part of DAN that takes the help of Congress to form the government while citing the example in Jammu and Kashmir. The party said it is simply against the basic principle of two opposing parties; BJP and Congress, to have any common landing ground.

Also, stating that it was pained to see the ongoing internal crisis of NPF unresolved, the State BJP stated that as an alliance of DAN, it had taken a collective decision to support the NPF group that commanded the majority. “This is because, NPF being the major partner in DAN, the leader who commands majority will naturally be the DAN legislature leader and the Chief Minister,” it said.

The issue in question is for change of leadership and not about losing confidence in the government, meaning the leadership issue needed to be resolved first before demanding floor test. (EMN)