TR Zeliang blames social media, warns people against spreading rumours

As Nagaland capital struggled to return to normalcy following the lynching of an alleged rapist, Chief Minister TR Zeliang said he felt that social media users played a role in the flare-up and warned people against spreading rumours.

Zeliang blamed some groups and individuals for using social networking sites to spread false rumours and libellous comments in an attempt to stir up communal feelings and public unrest.

Urging social media users to be more responsible and act as a medium for spreading the truth and good news, he said his government respects freedom of speech of its citizens, but will not remain a mere spectator to any social networking site and its users acting as channels to create communal unrest.

“There are certain elements who are trying to politicise the whole incident in order to gain undue political mileage and I appeal to the people not to be misled by the false propaganda of such unscrupulous elements,” he said.

In a separate statement, Nagaland Home Minister Y Patton said social media users in Nagaland have brought utter dishonour to the people of the state by uploading the incident in various social media sites, sensationalising the matter further. (Agencies)