Rajnath Singh supports acts of Security forces


A day after meeting Naga Mother’s Association (NMA) that lodged a strong protest for killing unarmed cadre of NSCN (K), including its Chaplain, civilians and women in the recent ambush by the 23rd Assam Rifles, Union home minister Rajnath Singh came out strongly in support of the acts of self-defence by security forces maintaining law and order in hostile environments.

Speaking at a National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) meeting,) Rajnath Singh slammed certain individuals and organisations that make a hue and cry over the violation of the human rights of terrorists and militant groups.

Undue importance is being given to such so-called champions of human rights, Singh said.

Serving a memorandum to Rajnath Singh on Wednesday, the NMA led by president Abeiu Meru and advisor Dr. Rosemary Dzuvichu alleged that the ambush carried out at International Trade centre, Dan in Pangsha area of Tuensang District took place in the midst of hectic missions of peace building efforts by the Nagas, and happened when the Naga peace talk interlocutor R N Ravi was just on his way out after meeting a cross section of the Nagas at the capital Kohima.

“The fact that this ambush was premeditated and planned knowing very well the presence of women and civilians, makes it highly questionable, the very presence of the peace talk Interlocutor from the Prime Minister’s office on one hand and the meticulous planning that seems to have been done by the Armed forces to target the women and civilians on that fateful day,” said NMA.

Detailing the account, NMA said that four member Naga Mother’s peace team was on its way to a meeting with the Leaders of the NSCN (Khaplang), when this ambush took place.

“As eye witnesses to the gory aftermath, when we reached the spot two days later on the August 30, we are hereby submitting proof and photographic evidence of the random killings that took place in the wide open area in the compound of the International Trade Centre, Dan, Pangsha area for your perusal and intervention. What is most tragic is that several local civilians from the other side of the Myanmar border had taken lifts on the Bolero pick up to reach home, only to be condemned to their deaths by the ruthless guns of the Indian armed forces,” said the NMA.

They also listed several other accounts of killings done by security forces along with photographic evidence asking both the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and union home minister Rajnath Singh whether the government of India has declared a war on the Naga civilians as well?

Condemning “unfortunate killing” of Indian soldiers by rebel groups on June 4, the NMA said, seeking vengeful killings for the unfortunate deaths of Indian armed soldiers is not the solution or answer to peace in this war torn land. Nor will bounties on the heads of the NSCN (K) leaders or a ban on the group, work as a solution for peace, because no matter what, they are also freedom fighters, and our sons and brothers, and not terrorists.” (Agencies/